Nail Care & Cutting

A nails job is simply to protect your toes, however nail cutting can be a problem, whether it be your flexibility, eye sight, hand strength etc. No matter the condition/size of your nails, I am well equipped to reduce them down appropriately.

Hard Skin/Callus

Hard skin, otherwise known as callus, and certainly corns cause so much discomfort & pain. I am well experienced in removing all manners of hard skin & corns, whilst also advising on how best to manage these conditions.

Skin Conditions

I can also assess other skin conditions you may have like verrucae or sweaty feet for example & advise on the best course of action

Biomechanics Assessment

Pain in the foot & ankle, or indeed your legs, knees, hips, back & even neck can be a result of your foot architecture & how your feet interact with the ground. A Biomechanical or Musculoskeletal assessment will analyse what is triggering the issue & the best course of action required to reduce & eliminate the pain

Diabetic Foot Screenings

Diabetes is a long term debilitating illness & unknown to many people, it has a significant impact on the feet. As a diabetic you should be having foot screenings annually, this is to assess your current health status, but also to advise on appropriate care.

Arthritic Screenings

There are over 200 different arthritis & each one can have a huge impact on your life. If you feel you have stiffness, swelling, pain in your joints, please don’t hesitate to contact me, where I can do a full analysis & evaluation of your problems & help you manage your health.